About the Artist

 The Late Martin Schreiber

 November 1924 to January 2005
 Formerly of Long Island, NY and Boynton Beach, Florida


Born in Berlin, Germany, after his family moved there from Poland, Mr. Schreiber immigrated to the United States in 1939 to escape war-torn Europe, and later served as a US Army soldier in WWII. He was a student of the late Reuben Tam at the Brooklyn Museum Art School. Mr. Schreiber enjoyed a long and successful art career both as a commercial art director in New York City with Dell Publishing and others, and as a passionate creative geometric artist exhibiting in many NYC galleries. Perhaps stemming from his early apprenticeship in the diamond trade, his work is a commitment to the hard-edge experience.

In addition to New York City, Mr. Schreiber exhibited in Miami, Palm Beach and Boca Raton Florida; Dallas, Texas; Montreal, Canada; and Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

Known for his highly disciplined art form, Mr. Schreiber’s work was described by Newsday’s Malcolm Preston as ‘almost surgical precision of craftsmanship.’ Through subtle changes of color and intensity, his hard-edge band style produces soft edge light vibration and illusions of spatial expansion. In his sculpture and wall constructions, the artist directs small progressions in shape and size towards the same spatial expansion witnessed in his paintings.

His work can be seen at the West Palm Beach Airport, where the Schreiber Family donated a painting for the Art in Public Places program. Martin Schreiber’s work is part of the permanent collection at the Boca Raton Museum of Art. Two of Mr. Schreiber’s geometric canvasses are exhibited at the Dallas Museum of Geometric and MADI Art, in Dallas, Texas. The museum curated the Martin Schreiber Retrospective in Dallas, which was on public view from October 2011 through January 2012.

Martin Schreiber's work has recently been exhibited in 2012 to 2013 at Art Fusion Galleries in Maimi, in 2014 and 2015 at Art Design Consultants in Cincinnatti, in 2014 at Spectrum Miami, and in 2015 at Art San Diego.  



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Excerpts from Reviews


“Cool, expert, judiciously planned geometrical paintings…work out close color relationships with considerable finesse.”

The New York Times 


“Schreiber’s spectral colors, used in new exciting relationships, seem to exist independently in space, without altering the over-all patterns of the surface, or the complexities of the structure itself. He has created a refreshing and dramatic ‘parody’ of methods, while his work exists on its own aesthetic terms, and should be seen to be fully appreciated.”

Arts Magazine 


“A series of beautifully crafted works, geometrically abstract, sensuous and radiant in their color relationships and illusionistic in their handling of form and space…It is the color usage, in combination with the spatial intervals and the almost surgical precision of the craftsmanship that gives these paintings their appeal. The flatness of the surface, devoid of brush stroke, and the flawless execution produce a lyrical yet resonant visual experience.

Newsday, Malcolm Preston


"....To round out the show, Schreiber exhibits a few small sculptures, scale models for much larger works. The models of metal and cardboard, transfer the same concentric geometry into three-dimensional forms. Classically white and pristine, they define the space in which they exist with a clarity and sharpness quite like the paintings…This is a good, good show.”

Newsday, Malcolm Preston 


Dallas Museum of Geometric Art, Schreiber Retrospective, 2011

Martin Schreiber solo show, spanning his styles from the 1950s to 2005

One-Man Shows


  Amel Gallery, NY, October 1964
  Spectrum Gallery, 1043 Madison Ave., NY, April 1967, September 1969, October 1971
  Gallerie MacKay, Montreal, Canada, January 1968
  NassauCountyMuseum at Garvies Point, November 1972
  Razor Gallery, 464 West Broadway, NY, April 1974, April 1976, May 1978
  Documenta Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil, May 1979
  West Broadway Gallery, NY, April 1981
  Pleiades Gallery, 164 Mercer St. NY, November 1983, September 1985, June 1987, May 1991
  Freeport Memorial Library, October 1988

Group Shows


  Panoras Galarie, New York City, 1955 (Two-man show)
  Mary Washington College, Virginia, 1964
  The ContemporaryArtsCenter, Cincinnati, Ohio, Motion and Movement, 1964
  CorcorranMuseum Lending Library, Washington, D.C., 1964, 1965, 1966
  Silvermine Connecticut 16th New England Annual, 1965
  Awarded 1st prize in acrylics (juried by Thomas Messer, GuggenheimMuseum)
  OhioUniversity, Optics and Kinetics, April1965-October 1966
  Museum of Modern Art Lending Library, 1966
  American Federation of Arts, traveling Op Show: Op Art & Its Antecedents, 1966-67
  NassauCommunity College, Print Show, Purchase Award, 1971
  NassauCommunity College, Invitational Sculpture Show, 1976
  Documenta Gallery, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1976
  PeterDrewGallery, Palm Beach, Florida, 1984
  FineArtsMuseum of Long Island, 1988
  NassauCommunity College, National Competition on Paper, 1988
  The Artists’ Guild in Palm Beach, 2000-2004
  Art Fusion Galleries, Miami, Florida, 2012-2013

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